If you would like to buy full-resolution, personally printed and signed prints* of any of the images here, this is how to do it:

After you find the image you want, send me an email HERE with a description of the picture and the gallery in which it is found (for example, "Bicycle in the snow/NYC-50 Gallery") along with the size you want made of the print. Include your mailing address.  I will send you back an email confirmation and payment instructions. I prefer PayPal, but I will accept other means which I will detail in my email to you.

Here is a list of the image sizes and prices. All shipping is free.

5x7           $12

8x10         $24

11x14         $42

16x20       $64  

20x30      $88

* I sign all of my purchased images in the manner of Al Hirschfeld, that is I hide my signature, along with the name of the person for whom I made the print, somewhere barely visible and unobtrusive. When I send you  the print, I supply you with a little map of the signature's hidden location.