Rye Neck Observatory
Lunar Images

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[IMAGE] The crater Plato was filled, long ago, with mare material. The rift to the left of the crater is 180km-long Vallis Alpes, a valley through the mountains.
[IMAGE] The southern shore of Mare Ibrium. Just above the center, right near the "coast," is the Apolla 15 landing site. Out in the middle of the sea is the flooded crater Archimedes.
[IMAGE] Cratered crater Clavius dominates in the south. Above and to the right is Tyco and its prominent central peak. Tycho is the source of an extensive ray dispersion.
[IMAGE] This image, and the following image, are of the area just north of Tycho. They were made under very high  magnifaction (306X) by  the drift method.
[IMAGE] Tycho is the deep, peaked crater at the bottom.  

[IMAGE] The six-day-old moon taken 6/37/01.
[IMAGE] The striking duo: craters Aristoteles (top) and Eudoxus grace the north face of the moon. The mountain range just below them is the Caucasus Mountains which border the Sea of Tranquility.
[IMAGE] On the edge of the Bay of Asperity are the three, 100km-wide craters (from bottom) Catharina, Cyrillus, and Theophilus.
All images were taken by Joel Seligmann on the Questar 7. Digital images made with an Olympus 2020Z, using eyepiece projection.